What Do You Mean Remix

by Blood Plectrum



What do you mean? Oh, oh
When you nod your head yes
But you wanna say no
What do you mean? Hey-ey
When you don't want me to move
But you tell me to go
What do you mean?
Oh, what do you mean?
Said you're running out of time, what do you mean?
Oh, oh, oh, what do you mean?
Better make up your mind
What do you mean?

You’re so indecisive of what I’m saying
Tryna catch the beat, make up your heart
Don't know if you're happy or complaining
Don't want for us to end, where do I start?
First you wanna go to the left then you wanna turn right
Wanna argue all day, make love all night
First you're up, then you’re down and then between
Oh, I really want to know…


released March 24, 2017
Original Song © Def Jam




Blood Plectrum Stourbridge, UK

I'm an amateur electronic producer making original tracks and remixes.

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